Zachary Zabel strives to foster more vibrant and livable built environments by devising sustainable strategies to move goods and people.

Zachary specializes in progressive parking policy, transit service planning, and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs. He has diverse experience working on local and regional transportation projects throughout the United States and has developed extensive design guidelines for new town developments in China. Zachary’s background in geography and urban planning has informed his work on many academic international development projects focusing on disaster mitigation, rapid urbanization, and resource extraction in countries throughout the Pacific Rim

Zachary has contributed to data collection, mapping, survey implementation, research and report writing efforts on parking-related projects for cities from Beverly Hills to San Francisco. He has worked on short-range transit plans, fare structure analyses, and performance audits for fixed route and dial-a-ride operators across California. In addition, Zachary has played a key role in formulating campus TDM strategies and policies for numerous universities, national parks, and major private employers in Silicon Valley.