Tom Mericle brings real-world solutions to transportation problems

A registered Traffic and Civil Engineer in the State of California, Tom has almost 30 years of experience in the transportation field at the local government level and in consulting. His experience managing transportation planning, traffic engineering, traffic operations and maintenance, parking management, and pavement and sidewalk maintenance for a local government agency provides a unique perspective on design and implementation of transportation infrastructure. His talent is uniting the practical with the visionary.

The former city transportation manager for the City of Ventura, Tom led transformative changes there that reconfigured roadways, adding bike lanes and improving traffic safety. The Ventura Bus Transfer Center, which was awarded state and local transportation awards as well as coverage in Time Magazine, is a public space that celebrates transit as a vital link in getting riders home to their families. Tom is active in the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the National Association of Transportation Officials and taught for many years as an extension class instructor for the University of California, Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies. He is the author of numerous articles and a co-author of Parking and the City (2017).