Terri O’Connor helps communities understand parking as a means to achieve their economic, land use, and mobility goals.

Terri has more than 15 years of experience developing comprehensive parking management plans, strategies, and implementation plans. She is a specialist in the development of parking financing programs, including revenue forecasts from parking fees, asset management and financial feasibility studies for new parking programs. An expert in analyzing supply and demand, park-and-ride management, and station access, Terri focuses on building consensus to define guiding principles that help communities develop parking policies that serve their vision for the future.

Terri has completed parking work in urban, suburban, small town and college-town communities from Berkeley, CA and Albany, CA to San Diego, CA and Denver, CO.  She has developed regional parking policies for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and analyzed the link between parking demand and affordable housing for the cities of San Diego and Mountain View, CA. She has also served on the Transportation Cooperative Research Board Synthesis Panel on Transit Supportive Parking Policies and Programs.

Terri is active on the board of the Women’s Transportation Seminar San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.