Steve Boland is an expert in fixed-route transit service and capital planning as well as multimodal access and complete streets design.

In his transit practice, Steve specializes in transit service and capital planning, including comprehensive operational analyses and other network restructuring efforts, conceptual planning for bus rapid transit and other fixed-guideway projects, and rail-bus integration studies. Regardless of project type, Steve helps transit agencies improve service for riders while simultaneously improving their cost-effectiveness. He has led or helped lead major design and policy efforts in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, and Monterey County, and he is leading development of long-term plans for the BART and Capitol Corridor rail systems in the Bay Area.

As a multimodal planner, Steve works to improve circulation and access for all modes simultaneously, focusing on pedestrian and bicycle access to transit stops and stations and on complete streets redesigns. He has helped redesign multiple corridors in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, including the main streets of San Francisco and Oakland, Market Street and International Boulevard, as well as the Metro Orange Line bus rapid transit corridor in the San Fernando Valley. Steve is a firm believer in strategies to introduce transformative change over time using practical, implementable interim steps.