Stephanie Wright works to make walking attractive and help people safely access high-quality transit services.

Stephanie has more than a decade of experience as a multimodal planner with a focus on walkability and transit planning. She specializes in street design guidance, transit feasibility, and strategic planning. Stephanie uses a data-driven process to understand issues and synthesize information into implementable actions.  She takes a customer-first approach, thinking through how to make transportation convenient for the user.

Stephanie served as a primary author for the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide, a 21st century primer on streets for people, and Smart Growth America’s The Innovative DOT, a guidebook of strategies for states to increase efficiency and investment in non-driving modes. She has contributed to statewide transit plans for Ohio, Minnesota, and Idaho, and operations analysis for large cities (Washington, D.C.) and small cities (Astoria, OR). A frequent leader of talking tours and design workshops, Stephanie excels at engaging people in planning for transportation that meets the community’s vision.