Scott Chapman is an expert at evaluating and improving small urban transit systems, paratransit operations, coordination opportunities, financial plans, and fare policies.

With over two decades of experience Scott manages and participates in studies for rural areas, small towns, and large cities nationwide. In his transit practice, he develops transformative service, policy, and organizational recommendations focused on determining efficiencies, meeting community needs, and providing cost effective alternatives.

Scott has analyzed fixed-route and demand response systems in terms of system productivity, financial operation, supporting infrastructure, ITS technology applications use, and rider behaviors and preferences. His work on service feasibility studies has contributed toward new intercity bus service in Washington state and Montana. He is one of the firm’s lead transit fare policy planners and has led studies for TriMet, the Portland Streetcar, and for VIA in San Antonio, helping clients to manage fare revenues, navigate technology options, advance operations, and improve convenience. In small cities and rural communities, Scott has developed short and long-range service improvements while examining options to increase ridership, maximize limited resources, and promote transit supportive investments and policies. When conducting paratransit operations assessments, Scott is committed to providing access and mobility solutions for disabled persons and older adults even when challenged with growing demand and costs.