Samantha Erickson works to get you there safely, on time, and with money still in your pocket.

Sam has more than 12 years of experience in transit service planning, specializing in operations planning and service implementation. She has worked on short range transit plans from Maryland to North Carolina and managed bus stop inventories for small and large agencies. With a keen understanding of schedules and data, she excels at getting people excited to implement tactics that improve efficiencies and solve business problems. She is a skilled public engagement specialist, helping to build bridges among staff, operators, and passengers.

Prior to Nelson\Nygaard, Sam worked for SamTrans, where she wrote the first service management plan. For the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, she led the effort to institute a shopper shuttle in two communities that had lost bus service and helped find ways to mitigate major reductions in operation funding. She also planned for increased service levels for special events from NFL games to the International Gay Games. Sam helped communities throughout Idaho prepare Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plans so they could qualify for federal funds to provide transit services.