Mathew Berkow sees the big picture and connects the dots.

Mathew helps communities enhance transportation choices, with a focus on walking and biking. He has led projects for municipalities of all sizes, from small town master plans to region-wide active transportation plans. An experienced and organized project manager, he excels at developing planning processes that utilize state-of-the-practice analytical techniques to support methodical and objective decision-making.

Mathew is an expert in safety and collision analysis and has worked on pedestrian- and bicyclist-focused safety plans for a number of U.S. and international cities, including Memphis, Santa Ana, Abu Dhabi, and Vancouver. He has also managed numerous bike share feasibility studies and worked with the Environmental Protection Agency to develop a technical assistance module to help cities around the country plan for bike share programs.

Mathew has spent more than three years living and working in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East and understands how the nuances of place impact planning projects. He is observant and careful in using data to think problems through and inform his recommendations, and uses effective communication skills to relate with clients and internal and public stakeholders.