Kevin Lucas helps people make informed decisions.

Kevin approaches his work with an unwavering passion for safe, equitable streets, and a belief that transportation networks that favor active modes and public transportation are the backbones of great places. Using his skills in research, data collection, and policy evaluation and formulation, he helps lay the foundation for smart, sustainable transportation options and effective management of demand and access.

Kevin has contributed to a number of projects across the nation including bicycle/pedestrian and complete street projects in New Rochelle, NY and the Minneapolis region, MN; Parking and transportation demand management projects in Trenton, NJ and Darien, CT; and transit projects in Cleveland, OH and New York City. Previously, Kevin was a fellow with the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals where he managed the organization’s issue-based policy development program, developed strategies to train public-sector pedestrian and bicycle professionals, and assisted in the redevelopment of the Women’s Cycling Program.