Karina Ricks makes economic development happen through transportation.

Karina’s 20-year career has predominantly been in the public sector as planner, visionary, enabler, implementer and innovator at the national, state, and municipal level. She has led multiple major initiatives that have built or revived dynamic, diverse, and prosperous neighborhoods and communities. Her experience encompasses and unites multiple disciplines including transportation, public finance, land use planning, economic revitalization, community development, and environmental excellence.

Karina recognizes that transportation is the formative and catalytic element that joins communities and opportunities and the environment and economy. She played a pivotal role in restoring Washington, DC’s waterfront, regenerating traditional main streets, and reviving the downtown. She researched and wrote The Innovative DOT for Smart Growth America, a national publication to fund and promote sustainable transportation options at the state level and is an active leader with both the Complete Streets Coalition and American Public Transit Association.