Joshua Karlin-Resnick works to create a transportation system that is easy to use, safe, sustainable, and works well for people of all backgrounds.

Josh specializes in using spatial and quantitative analysis techniques to understand the potential impacts of future development on the transportation system. He has experience in helping prioritize long-term infrastructure investments, reforming environmental review, analyzing the equity implications of transportation decisions, and creating smart parking and transportation demand management programs. He has expertise in GIS, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

Josh’s approach is to combine his technical skill with a deep grounding in academic literature and best practices to help cities and agencies plan for a future with a good mix of transportation choices that can support ambitious land-use plans. In San Francisco, he analyzed the transportation implications of proposed developments along the city’s eastern waterfront and advised the city on potential transit, bike, and pedestrian improvements to handle projected increases in trip-making to the area. In Oakland and San Jose, he is helping to make the review of development and infrastructure investments more rational and better aligned with community goals. He has worked with towns and campuses across the west to improve multimodal transportation networks and encourage people to make sustainable transportation choices.