Joshua Karlin-Resnick helps cities measure and shape development and transportation to achieve broader community goals.

Josh specializes in helping clients problem-solve at the points at which transportation and land use come together, with a focus on parking and transportation demand management (TDM). He is leading the creation of parking and TDM programs for several major mixed-use developments, including Mission Rock in San Francisco and Santana Row in San Jose, and he has played an important role in a range of other transportation planning efforts along the San Francisco waterfront.

An expert on parking policy, Josh has led or been a key analyst on parking studies in places as large as Salt Lake City and as small as Watsonville, CA. He is the co-author of a Transportation Research Record synthesis of more than 25 parking studies completed in mixed-use districts across the country. He also contributed to an overview of parking and demand-management approaches for increasingly modern metropolises in China.

Josh helps cities think about how to meaningfully measure the effects of development on transportation and their broader goals, and how to align the two. Recently, he helped Oakland and San Jose update their transportation impact analysis processes in anticipation of changes to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) statewide policies.