Joey Goldman creates plans that provide better transportation choices for people.

Joey has more than 20 years of experience covering local and regional transit and shuttle planning, public outreach and marketing, transportation demand management, and coordination/consolidation of transit programs and services. He has strong knowledge of accessible transportation and human services transportation. Joey is an authority on focus groups for transportation program design, branding and marketing, and a trained leader in facilitation and building consensus.

Joey’s work is varied and interdisciplinary, bridging human service and economic development elements of transportation programs with keen transit system design skills. His hands-on style pays off in the creation of smart strategic plans (such as Rides in Houston and FACT in San Diego), comprehensive transit and TDM plans (including the Central Minnesota Commuter Study, Denver Southeast Corridor Last-Mile Plan, Bismarck Transit Development Plan, and Denton County Transportation Authority Long Range Plan), innovative research, and effective marketing/branding programs (for dozens of agencies, including San Francisco Paratransit and B-Line, in Butte County, California).