Joel Mann understands the influence transportation has on the built environment and a community’s sense of place.

Joel is a planner with 10 years of experience in transportation planning and transportation-focused contributions to development codes, comprehensive plans, and community master plans. His career has grown from an intersection of personal passions and commitments, including bicycle and pedestrian mobility, streets as vital urban public spaces, and use of public resources to provide the best possible returns for citizens and their quality of life. His approach is to develop plans that promote balanced multimodal transportation, that enhance potential for land development and urban design, and that fit within community expectations.

Joel has worked both as a master planner for private land developers and as a corridor and transportation planner primarily for public agencies. He has developed expertise in bicycle and pedestrian planning, transportation policy, and street design and has applied this to jurisdiction-wide transportation policies and plans, small-area sector plans and corridor studies, and implementation programs for developing, funding, and advancing capital projects.