Jamey Dempster finds solutions that make transit work.

Jamey strives to present information, data, and analysis clearly to support an inclusive decision-making process. He has worked with all sizes of communities for more than 15 years to shape transportation and land use plans. A specialist in policy, funding, and data analysis, he understands how transportation investments shape people’s lives.

Jamey has managed projects and led major tasks across the U.S. from regional multimodal transportation and land use plans to rural public transportation agencies. Previously, Jamey served as a Regional Transit Coordinator at Oregon Department of Transportation, an innovative role to provide technical and funding assistance to local transit providers and to support the agency’s efforts to integrate all travel modes into policy, funding, and planning. As a consultant in New York and California, Jamey specialized in leveraging transportation, land use, and economic forecasts to prioritize investments with broad stakeholder groups.