David Fields believes great places offer transportation choices so that people of all ages may walk, bike, ride the bus or train, or drive to their destinations.

David has nearly 20 years of national and international experience, focusing on transportation planning that supports communities’ long-term goals including economic development, environmental sustainability, and quality of life. His favorite work is creating great places around transit stations, because it includes all components of transportation planning: pedestrian and bicycle access; parking and transportation demand management; transit planning including all transit options; plus coordination with a mix of land uses; and a commitment to involving the public.

David’s projects range in scale from neighborhood studies, including a Jackson Heights study that redesigned this New York neighborhood’s roadway and bus networks, to large plans, including Northeast Ohio’s Vibrant NEO Plan that coordinated transportation and land use for the next 25 years across a 12-county region. In all of his projects, David consistently starts by creating walkable places and then expands transportation’s reach for all members of the community.

David is Past Chair of the American Planning Association’s national Transportation Planning Division.