Chris Forinash connects people to the places they love by making the ways they get around easier, healthier, and more sustainable.

Chris has nearly 25 years working in urban transportation and development. Starting from a technical base of forecasting the demand for regional transportation investments, he focused on the policies that ensure transportation systems support sustainable, equitable community-building. He contributed to early work on recognizing the environmental benefits of smart growth, changing parking policy, and reforming federal transportation funding. He is renowned for interpreting technical results legibly for policy-makers and the public.

Chris approaches all of his work by engaging with the community, analyzing their needs and options, and recommending innovative and practical changes. He led a team of 15 national organizations that helped leaders from 150 regions and neighborhoods create ambitious transportation, economic development, and environmental plans driven by the priorities of all their residents. He served as chair of the Arlington County (Virginia) Planning Commission as it accelerated a successful transition from stagnant suburb to vibrant urban community.