Bonnie Nelson founded a sustainable transportation practice that is guided by what’s best for people and the planet.

Bonnie, a founding partner of Nelson\Nygaard, became a transit planner because of her love of cities as vibrant, healthy places, and ultimately became one of the country’s leaders in transportation planning for all modes as a means to develop great communities. Trained as a Civil Engineer, Bonnie expertly translates technical information for policy and community audiences. She led some of the most challenging and complex projects across the nation, from the complete rethinking of transit service in San Francisco; to removing a double-decked waterfront freeway in Seattle; to developing transportation sales taxes in three major California counties that were able to pass with more than 2/3 of the popular vote; to planning for and assisting with implementation of transit services to three major national parks. Bonnie is renowned for her objective analysis, facilitation, and consensus-building skills.

Before founding the firm, Bonnie was manager of data collection and schedule analysis for the San Francisco Municipal Railway and managed a nonprofit transit contractor that specialized in school transportation and transportation for persons with disabilities. From this inside knowledge of transit agency operations, Bonnie grew a firm that takes every trip seriously; recognizes that we should be designing streets to move people, not just cars; and motivates communities to look at the facts about travel, environmental, and health costs to overcome a car-loving status quo.