White Plains Hospital – White Plains, New York

White Plains Hospital Parking and TDM Plan

White Plains Hospital significantly expanded its footprint at its main campus in the city. The landlocked, urban setting added to the challenge of addressing the parking demands of the growing number of employees, patients, and visitors. Constructing expensive, new parking facilities is not an immediate option and would present the hospital with significant costs, so the administrators are looking for solutions to ease parking pressures.

Nelson\Nygaard developed strategies to improve the employee commute experience and maximize the efficiency of the hospital’s transportation investments. In the short-term, the hospital will mitigate its parking shortfall with a new shuttle serving remote parking and the train station. Mid-term strategies will reward and support employees for making sustainable commuting choices.

To help White Plains Hospital remain a competitive place to work, Nelson\Nygaard is developing a comprehensive suite of transportation programs. The most innovative recommendation is a daily parking system that encourages sustainable commutes by removing the “sunk cost” of a monthly parking permit and rewarding employees on days when they do not drive to work. These programs will help redirect hospital resources away from parking and back into its core mission of providing top-quality healthcare.