Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium – Northeast Ohio

Vibrant NEO 2040 Regional Plan

Northeast Ohio, which includes four metro areas in 12 counties, launched an initiative to thoughtfully guide the region’s future. The initiative was founded on the idea that a shared vision, developed through a rich outreach process, would strengthen established communities, increase transportation choices, and preserve and protect natural resources.

Nelson\Nygaard led the transportation component, which plays a key role in supporting Northeast Ohio’s vision. We established key indicators of the region’s health and then participated in the coordinated land use-transportation scenario planning to see how those indicators change with differ­ent policies and investments. These scenarios included different growth projections as well as different development policies.

Based on the results of the scenario planning, Nelson\Nygaard developed specific trans­portation recommendations. These recom­mendations include: prioritizing development where transportation investment has already been made to avoid additional capital costs and duplicate operations and maintenance costs; allowing transportation systems throughout the region to function seamlessly to minimize travel time and provide easier access between residents and jobs; and establishing a regional Safe Routes to School program to fund improvements in every community, then expanding it to Safe Routes for Seniors to accommodate everyone ages 8-80.

In 2013, the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium officially adopted Vibrant NEO 2040.