Translink – Burnaby, British Columbia

Phibbs Exchange Conceptual Design

Phibbs Exchange is one of the most important transit centres in the Metro Vancouver region, serving 18 bus routes and 15,700 daily passengers. Originally designed to facilitate efficient bus operations and to meet the needs of passengers arriving and departing by bus, Phibbs Exchange has evolved from an isolated island bound by the TransCanada Highway and its on- and off-ramps to an exchange accessed from all directions on foot, by bike, and by car. Transit passengers now find themselves navigating on foot infrastructure designed largely for automobiles.

Nelson\Nygaard developed a conceptual design for a high-quality transit exchange to allow for efficient, flexible transit operations and strong connections with surrounding transportation networks and the adjacent community.

Using an intensive and collaborative charrette-based design process, we crafted a design for the exchange that improves usability, promotes operational efficiency, enhances the sense of place, protects and restores the natural environment, and ensures the best stewardship of public funds through cost-effective design.