TransLink – Burnaby, BC

Metrotown Exchange Functional Plan

Metrotown Station is one of the three highest ridership rail stations and bus exchanges in the Vancouver region, with over 60,000 boardings per day. The City of Burnaby has ambitious plans for adding another 3,000 residents and 11,000 jobs near the station by 2021, turning it into a new urban heart for the city. All of this success, however, has placed strains on the station, with much of its infrastructure at the end of its useful life and serving more passengers than designed for.

Building on our 2007 Metrotown Transit Village Plan, Nelson\Nygaard developed an exchange functional plan to detail exactly how buses will interface with the station. During a weeklong charrette process, we learned that TransLink and the bus operators needed the station to accommodate transit’s growing needs and keep costs minimized, while the City wanted the station to contribute positively to the surrounding neighborhood.

Nelson\Nygaard proposed moving the current bus exchange to circle the rail station, with a straight-curb arrangement. This plan best met the many conflicting goals, including transit accessibility, placemaking, bicycle access, and cost effectiveness.