Transportation Agency for Monterey County – Salinas, CA

Monterey County Taxi Regulation

From Seaside to Monterey to Pacific Grove, taxi riders found the variety of regulations and fare schedules for taxi services throughout the Monterey Peninsula bewildering. The seven cities, the county, and the regional airport wanted to know if regional collaboration and standardization was possible.

Nelson\Nygaard developed a plan to create a regional taxicab authority, one of the very few in the U.S. By first building consensus for the proposed plan among a range of stakeholders – including the cities, the taxi companies, the senior and disability communities, the hospitality association, and the transit agency  – we were able to develop a plan that the agency used to build consensus among these diverse stakeholders. In addition, we integrated requirements for accessible taxis into the plan.

The proposed plan was approved and implemented. Following the adoption of a regional ordinance, the Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority is now administered by the transit agency, Monterey-Salinas Transit.