San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – San Francisco, CA

SFpark Pilot Projects

Like many major cities, San Francisco suffered from acute parking shortages in some areas and surpluses in other areas. SFpark, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s parking program, aims to dramatically improve parking in San Francisco by testing performance pricing and providing better information to drivers in 25% of the total public parking supply. Could SFpark reach beyond the rhetoric of “smarter parking” to really impact parking in the city?

Nelson\Nygaard first supported the creation of an evaluation framework and developed a number of survey instruments and survey implementation plans. We provided detailed input and feedback on the SFpark data collection plan, suggesting methodologies and measures that could be used to provide a reliable but cost-effective measure of success. We also recommended potential reforms to the management of disabled parking and residential parking districts, both of which are critical components of San Francisco’s parking system.

Since 2010, Nelson\Nygaard has conducted numerous data collection efforts for SFpark progam, including surveys of parking search time, spillover parking into residential areas, and instances of double parking and the use of disabled placards in pilot areas. We provided support with public outreach, framing sometimes controversial parking policy reforms in ways that highlight the tensions and tradeoffs of implementing changes versus maintaining the status quo.