San Francisco State University – San Francisco, CA

SF State Master Plan

San Francisco State University drafted a campus master plan in 2007 with plans to accommodate a 25% increase in its student population through infill and renovation of its compact campus. Many community members raised concerns that campus growth would result in traffic congestion and parking scarcity.

Nelson\Nygaard, on a team led by WRT, led the transportation aspects of the master plan. We demonstrated that a commitment to diversifying commute options would not only address neighbors’ concerns but also save the university money. It was less expensive to invest in transportation alternatives than to build new parking structures. We proposed investment in transportation demand management strategies.

Nelson\Nygaard helped SF State and the City and County of San Francisco negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding. As part of the plan adoption process and environmental analysis document, the MOU included the university’s “fair share” funding commitment to address the impacts of its growth upon the City. Instead of funding roadway improvements, the campus committed $2 million in transit improvements, along with an extensive list of programs and projects to minimize its vehicle trips.

Nelson\Nygaard subsequently designed a marketing campaign to reduce solo driving to campus.