City of Santa Monica – Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Pedestrian Action Plan

Walking in the coastal city of Santa Monica is a popular form of recreation. Recognizing that it is also a transportation option, the City made a commitment to encourage walking and to make it safe.

Nelson\Nygaard combined extensive community engagement with an analytical approach to reported collisions and safety around transit stops. A review of infrastructure best practices provided the foundation for a countermeasure selection guide and toolkit of strategies that reflect project goals and street context.

We recommended citywide and location-specific actions to improve safety, access to transit, and overall walkability of the community. We created a Pedestrian Design Toolkit to guide priority safety and transit access projects for 5-, 10-, and 20-year budget planning. Leveraging existing policies and community and fiscal resources, the plan recommends changes in business practices as well as policy, program, and project actions that will enhance the culture of walking in Santa Monica. The plan was adopted in February 2016.