VTA – San Jose, CA

Santa Clara County Flex Pilot Project

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, which serves San Jose and the surrounding region, is committed to being an industry leader in developing innovation solutions for transportation problems. To increase ridership and farebox recovery and serve areas not conducive to fixed-route transit,  the VTA launched a pilot on-demand public transit service in early 2016.

Leading to the launch, Nelson\Nygaard identified potential service zones, recommended a service model, and advised on how to leverage the agency’s organizational strengths. To determine the service pilot zone, we performed a market analysis, which drew together data on residential population, employment, activity centers, future development, and regional trip making. Although ridership remained small during the pilot due to several operational and technological constraints, VTA staff still receive inquiries from agencies around the country eager to try a similar demand-responsive approach.

Nelson\Nygaard is assisting VTA to identify other methods for delivering industry-leading, cost-effective transit service, including the potential to form public-private partnerships and explore new ways to leverage agency funding. We led the development of several alternative transit delivery models with an emphasis on service equity and accessibility.