City of Santa Ana – Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana Safe Mobility Plan

Santa Ana had an emergent and urgent need to understand and reduce the high rate of pedestrian- and bicyclist-involved collisions throughout the city, while maintaining fluid movement of cars, buses, and bikes.

To address Santa Ana’s persistent collision history, Nelson\Nygaard conducted a detailed hot-spot and risk-based analysis. This work revealed systemic human behavior and roadway conditions that preceded commonly occurring crashes involving people walking and on bicycles. Together with a multi-departmental Technical Advisory Committee, we used the results to wrestle with prioritization, funding, and regional planning consistency considerations. The final plan includes recommended projects, safety campaign actions, strategies for expanded and targeted enforcement, and detailed project sheets to support grant applications for 30 high priority locations.

The Santa Ana Safe Mobility Plan will be incorporated into the City’s Circulation Element and Active Transportation Plan, guiding the City towards a safer transportation system that supports the values of Santa Ana residents and visitors.