Rhode Island Public Transit Authority – Providence, RI

Rhode Island Comprehensive Operations Analysis

Providence has undergone one of the most successful transformations of a small American city while other parts of Rhode Island struggle economically. Population and employment has grown, moved, and sometimes contracted, impacting where and how many people travel from place to place.

Nelson\Nygaard was asked to evaluate how well RIPTA’s transit network is serving existing population, employment, and activity centers around the state, as well as the overall productivity and effectiveness of individual bus routes. After evaluating all routes and gathering information from stakeholders, customers, and nonriders, we developed service guidelines to determine where service should be provided and appropriate service levels, and to ensure that service would meet minimum levels of productivity.

Based on our technical analysis and stakeholder input, we produced a comprehensive set of service recommendations designed to make RIPTA services easier to use, easier to understand, more convenient, faster and more direct, and better aligned with customer demand. The first set of changes implemented in 2013 have already increased ridership and produced much stronger rider and political support for transit.