City of Oakland – Oakland, CA

Oakland Transportation Impact Review Streamlining

Oakland’s environmental review guidelines directly contradict the city’s expressed goals of creating vibrant urban spaces, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and reducing emissions. By focusing on traffic congestion, Oakland inadvertently makes it hard to build sustainable infill development. If the flawed analysis forecasts that traffic will exceed a certain level at a given intersection, the developer must mitigate that impact through changes that often directly contradict the city’s desire to make conditions safer, faster, and more comfortable for cyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders.

Nelson\Nygaard is helping Oakland better align its development-review process to its goals. Working with people from neighborhood, city departments, and regional agencies, we are helping revise the city’s approach to analyzing how new developments and infrastructure investments affect the transportation system. We are also ensuring the city complies with new statewide regulations on transportation-impact analysis (driven by SB 743) while facilitating development and transportation projects that make Oakland a better place to live and get around.