Metropolitan Transportation Commission – Oakland, CA

Bay Area Transit Sustainability

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission launched a study to ensure the financial sustainability of public transit in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

Nelson\Nygaard conducted the paratransit element of this effort. We prepared a concise but accurate “primer” for high-level decision makers, describing the requirements of ADA paratransit, service delivery methods in the Bay Area, and challenges to financial sustainability such as increasing demand, decentralization of the aging population, labor cost increases, and growth in dialysis.

Nelson\Nygaard recommended 29 strategies to manage the cost of ADA paratransit service while maintaining mobility for riders. The strategies involved demand management, productivity improvement, cost containment, restructuring service, and alternatives to ADA paratransit. Nelson\Nygaard identified six as priority strategies on the basis of financial impact, impact on riders, geographic reach, years needed to implement, and ease of implementation.