LAVTA – Livermore, CA

LAVTA Comprehensive Operational Analysis

The Livermore-Amador County Transit Authority (LAVTA), which serves Tri-Valley cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, recognized a need to figure out how to increase the number of people riding its local and express routes.

Nelson\Nygaard analyzed the existing performance of all LAVTA services and conducted an extensive market analysis, including surveying residents and riders. We developed immediate recommendations to improve ridership and farebox recovery of Rapid (BRT) service and to reduce duplication of and simplify service. We also developed a roadmap for the future of transit in the Tri-Valley. Long-term recommendations include capital improvements, park-and-ride based service, increased service levels to neighborhoods, and improved BART and ACE feeder and distributor services.

To improve BART access, we developed an innovative approach. We leveraged partnerships with pooled ride-hailing and local taxi services to replace a low-productivity fixed-route service with cheaper, more convenient on-demand service. Go Dublin, launched in January 2017, is a pilot user-side subsidy program that partners with Uber, Lyft, and De Soto Cab.