Southern California Association of Governments and Metro – Los Angeles, CA

LA Orange Line BRT Sustainable Corridor Implementation Plan

With more than 30,000 average weekday boardings, the Orange Line is a successful and groundbreaking bus rapid transitway located mostly in a former freight rail right-of-way in Los Angeles. Although the Orange Line is a high-quality transit experience, and its parallel path provides bike and pedestrian access to some stations, transportation conditions in station areas are mixed. Many stations are on streets that are unsafe for pedestrians to cross, bus stops are far away, and signs are missing or inadequate. Bicycle parking is limited at stations, and the Orange Line is operating at capacity.

Working on a larger team, Nelson\Nygaard studied station access and station-area circulation to determine transit-oriented development potential of areas around stations on the Metro Orange Line. We identified and prioritized improvements to access and circulation for all 14 existing Orange Line stations. Higher-level recommendations were also issued at the corridor level, including concepts for expansion and extension of the Orange Line. All recommendations were designed to be supportive of and integrated with recommendations related to land use and urban design.