City of Grand Rapids – Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Vital Streets

As the second largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids is a city of neighbors and neighborhoods supported by a dense street grid and a vibrant downtown center. The community has committed to ensuring its streets support city growth and economic development by building vital streets, which integrate complete streets and green infrastructure.

Nelson\Nygaard led a team to develop a framework for street design decisions and design guidelines appropriate to the needs and context of Grand Rapids. Uniting progressive planning with sound engineering, we integrated the many disciplines involved in street design: engineering, planning, stormwater and ecology, parking and TDM, and market economics.

The Vital Streets Plan and accompanying street typology provide a framework for performance-driven and outcome-based street design. It considers how the land around the roadway is used, and designs the roadway accordingly to create a network of accessible, inviting, and safe streets.