Boston Transportation Department – Boston, MA

Go Boston 2030

Boston is a world-class city, an old city, and in many ways, still an adolescent city. Boston struggles to manage its narrow streets, offers uneven transportation options in different areas, and has not prepared some of its oldest transit lines for sea level rise. How can it marry new technologies with old infrastructure to maintain the mobility demanded by all?

Nelson\Nygaard is serving as the lead planners for Go Boston 2030, working through close collaboration with concurrent processes that crafted public engagement. The resulting Vision and Action Plan builds from ideas generated in Boston’s most innovative and inclusive public engagement strategy – the “Question Campaign,” which created direct input from more than 5,000 unique members of the Boston region. This public feedback was coupled with innovative data analysis to inform both current travel patterns and future conditions. This process broadened planners’ perspectives on the realities of moving through the city, established new City goals, and challenged political leadership in new ways.

GoBoston is a visionary planning effort that asks the right questions to ensure the City invests in ways that solve the problems of tomorrow rather than outmoded approaches to address today’s issues. By focusing on the values of the traveling public rather than the capacity of known infrastructure, Go Boston 2030 is charting a new course for engaging the mobility revolution and inserting community-based values directly into the mobility networks of the future. With a series of aspirational goals and targets, including reducing vehicle travel by half, the City is now poised to take advantage of its innovation economy as well as to target improvements for those who struggle the most with access to and costs associated with transportation.