City of Glendale – Glendale, CA

Glendale Downtown Mobility Study

Glendale, the third largest city in Los Angeles County, was expected to add up to 8,000 new homes along with new retail and office development within its downtown core. The City sought a way to accommodate growth—without significantly increasing auto congestion or impacting Glendale’s quality of life.

Nelson\Nygaard developed a comprehensive multimodal plan which was designed to encourage walking, biking, and taking transit while still maintaining quality goods movement and auto circulation. A key element was the development of new parking policy which encouraged the use of existing capacity in city garages and provided managed curb spaces for customers of local businesses.

The City has seen traffic congestion managed and significantly reduced on its “main street” Brand Boulevard. Parking occupancy on that street has gone from well over 100% during peak periods to 85%, due to new parking policies and technologies. Transit ridership continues to increase, as does biking and walking, based on recent counts.

Since the adoption of the plan, Nelson\Nygaard has continued to work with the City of Glendale, bringing this multimodal improvement philosophy to a growing group of developing neighborhoods. While each neighborhood requires a customized solution, we have been able to “build out” from the success in the urban core to reduce congestion, increase the use of non auto modes and improve neighborhood quality of life. This successful program is often touted by UCLA Professor Donald Shoup in his presentations describing successful parking policy changes in smaller cities.