City of Fayetteville– Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville Mobility Plan

Fayetteville—home to both the University of Arkansas and a thriving downtown—suffers from an outdated transportation network that still gives precedence to the automobile. Fayetteville decided to reevaluate its transportation and unify diverse planning documents to meet the needs of its changing population.

Nelson\Nygaard conducted comprehensive data assessment, including collecting intensive parking inventory and occupancy information. Through mobile workshops taken to plazas and farmers’ markets, we gathered feedback about the community’s needs and concerns. One of the top priorities that emerged was creating a more walkable environment. As parking is a key part of providing more choices, we completed a Parking Master Plan with recommendations and strategies.

The Fayetteville Mobility Plan will identify key opportunities to improve safety and livability and establish performance and measurement tools for the City. The plan will include street standards and typologies, policy recommendations, and policy positions regarding partner agency projects.  The plan will guide Fayetteville’s investments in a transportation network that will benefit future generations.