California State University – multiple locations

CSU Systemwide Traffic and TDM Plan

The California State University (CSU) system is comprised of 23 campuses in settings ranging from urban to rural, with varying numbers of students and transportation needs. Acknowledging these differences, CSU wanted to establish a framework of sustainable transportation programs to lessen reliance on solo driving and reduce vehicle trips to campuses.

Nelson\Nygaard created a transportation demand management (TDM) manual to guide the design of traffic and to provide ways for each campus officials to encourage students, faculty, and staff to commute via bus/rail transit, carpools, bicycling, and walking.

To help different campuses determine which policies and programs are best suited to their environment, the manual includes a campus typology system with each identified as either urban, inner suburban, suburban, exurban, or rural/college town. The manual details a “toolbox” of the most effective strategies for each campus type and a way to gauge program effectiveness. The best practices section highlights successful TDM programs and the elements that allow them to thrive.