LAND Studio and University Circle, Inc. – Cleveland, OH

Cleveland: Public Square and University Circle

Downtown Cleveland is undergoing a renaissance, and investment in its Public Square, a 10-acre space, launched a need to unify the square into a single public space and transform the landscape into a flexible, inviting, and more usable space while providing bicycle and pedestrian connections to the rest of downtown.

Public Square, which is the central hub for local/regional bus, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit services, was hampered by a network of roadways that made it uninviting as a gathering space. As part of the LAND studio team, Nelson\Nygaard is leading the analysis of roadway and transit system impacts resulting from the possible closure of the road segments bisecting the larger square. Nelson\Nygaard also reviewed current and planned bicycle facilities to explore how the restructured public space should integrate with the bike network.

Nelson\Nygaard’s study ultimately led to the need for one of the roadways to remain open for transit only, closing the road to traffic, providing a significant amount of space to dramatically recreate Public Square as a vibrant public space in the heart of Cleveland.

At the same time, Nelson\Nygaard is also assisting the University Circle neighborhood, the second largest employment district in the state, just five miles from downtown Cleveland. Nelson\Nygaard redesigned 11 intersections to improve mobility by all modes, as well as a comprehensive parking and transportation demand management program with elements tailored for the unique travel patterns of tourists and daytrippers; shoppers and diners, and employees and residents.