Binghamton University – Binghamton, NY

Binghamton University Transportation and Parking Study

With campus growth projected to reach 20,000 students by 2020, new off-campus facilities nearby and in surrounding downtowns, and several on-campus infill projects, Binghamton University is steadily growing its programs as well as its demand for campus access and parking. With on-campus parking facilities and popular transit shuttles nearing capacity, the University wanted guidance on cost-effectively balancing their transportation investments.

Nelson\Nygaard helped the University find creative solutions. Faced with rising costs of procuring new transit vehicles and maintaining existing parking facilities as State aid dwindles, we recommended pricing, scheduling and operating efficiencies for the University’s off-campus transport systems, including investing in safer pedestrian and bicycle connections off-campus, re-structuring loop shuttle service to better-connect multiple points more directly, creating new incentives to park remotely, and partnering with municipal and regional agencies to leverage shared investments.

Nelson\Nygaard is now working closely with the University to design key improvements and policies that will increase transit ridership and reduce parking demand. Design enhancements include a new more-efficient transit hub; a reinvented and pedestrian-ized section of ring road, a ring road road-diet, and a re-routing of deliveries to avoid heavy pedestrian conflicts. New policies include a tiered parking permit program; a parking cash-out program; and improved inter-departmental transparency to reduce inefficiencies and increase service delivery at no additional cost.