City of Berkeley – Berkeley, CA

Downtown Berkeley Parking and TDM

Downtown Berkeley, home to a world-class university and  historic buildings, faced numerous challenges to managing growth. With its progressive reputation, the City wanted a downtown that was a model of environmental sustainability and accommodated new housing.

Nelson\Nygaard led the development of the parking and transportation demand management (TDM) plan, one of four major initiatives. We recommended a comprehensive parking and TDM strategy, including a shared parking facility development program, a financing plan, zoning code amendments, and variable parking pricing policies for both curb parking and off-street garages. Far-reaching demand management rules require that new developments provide employees and residents with free transit passes, ensure amenities for bicyclists, and unbundle the full cost of parking from the cost of housing and commercial space. The program also provides real incentives that encourage carsharing, parking cash out, and efficient sharing of automobile parking.