City of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Taxi Franchises

The City of Anaheim instituted taxi franchises in 2002 to better control service quality and manage competition. With franchises due to expire in 2012, the City needed help selecting taxi companies for the next franchise period.

Before drafting a request for proposals for new companies, Nelson\Nygaard conducted a detailed assessment of taxi service in Anaheim. The analysis included visiting all the companies, interviewing company management, conducting surveys of drivers and hotels, analyzing performance data and demand data from the companies, and conducting an economic analysis of meter rates and the desired number of taxicabs. We determined that there was no need to increase the number of taxicabs.

Nelson\Nygaard assisted the City with the selection process for new franchises, including requesting enhanced provisions for response time, reporting, environmentally friendly vehicles, wheelchair access, and credit card acceptance.