Thousands of people are struck and killed by cars each year while walking along America’s roads. Disturbingly, these dangerous situations occur as our nation’s top health experts are encouraging Americans to walk more and disproportionally kills pedestrians who are people of color, low-income, uninsured, or more than 65 years old.

A new report out today from Smart Growth America in partnership with Nelson\Nygaard looks at the alarming epidemic of pedestrian deaths in the United States, and what can be done to end it. Dangerous by Design 2016 ranks the most dangerous places for people walking by a “Pedestrian Danger Index,” or PDI, and explores who is most at risk of being struck and killed by a car while walking, including data that looks at pedestrians by age, race, ethnicity, and income. Explore the new online feature to see the full rankings of the 104 largest metro areas in the country and all 50 states, as well as interactive maps of where fatal collisions occurred.

As the report explains, changing the way we design streets is vital to prevent people from being struck and killed while walking. Design elements like wider sidewalks, curb extensions, refuge islands, pedestrian countdown signals, and midblock crossings (especially near transit stops) are all strategies that can calm traffic and protect people who are walking.

Nelson\Nygaard is proud to be a cosponsor of this research and remains committed to making walking and biking safer for people of all ages and abilities. Join the conversation on Twitter at the hashtag #DangerousByDesign or explore our Active Transportation success stories: