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Bonnie Nelson, Founding Principal

Bonnie is a founding partner of Nelson\Nygaard and brings significant experience in transit operations, mobility studies, and consensus building around complex transportation projects. Her experience includes a wide range of multimodal transportation projects including virtually all modes of transit from bus rapid transit and urban streetcars to school bus services and paratransit. Bonnie is a specialist in developing holistic and practical solutions for enhancing urban mobility. She is well known for her facilitation and consensus-building skills, as she has led some of the most controversial transportation planning projects in the country.
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Bonnie Nelson

BSE, Civil Engineering, Transportation
University of Illinois

Founding partner, specializing in transit operations management, and responsible for all phases of business development, project management, and daily operations

Paul Jewel, Principal and Chief Operating Officer

Paul is a principal planner with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in fixed-route planning, operations, transit center evaluations, and passenger amenity evaluations. Paul has served as project manager or deputy project manager on numerous transit service planning/development projects for mid-to-large systems. Paul also focuses on assessing the need for improved passenger amenities both "on-street" and within facilities.
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Paul Jewel

MPA, Urban Policy and Transportation
San Francisco State University

A specialist in fixed-route and paratransit planning for small and medium-sized transit operations as well as larger urban operators

Jeffrey Tumlin, Principal

Jeff has developed downtown, station area, citywide and master plans for cities large and small.  He has led the transportation component of transit-oriented development plans for over 60 station areas and new towns across North America. His projects have won awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism, the American Institute of Architects, the American Planning Association and the American Society of Landscape Architects. He is the author of Sustainable Transportation Planning (Wiley 2012).
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Jeffrey Tumlin

BA, with distinction, Urban Studies
Stanford University
An expert in multimodal transportation planning, with an emphasis in minimizing the impacts of growth

Linda Rhine, Principal

Linda has over 25 years of experience in transit system funding, financial and fare analysis, small city and rural service planning and transit system coordination and consolidation. She has managed dozens of transit and transportation projects for large and small transit systems, and is familiar with public transit services and resources. Linda has managed a wide variety of projects where she led focus groups, facilitated advisory committees and public meetings, and conducted stakeholder and management interviews. She is a member of the Marketing and Fare Policy Committee of the Transportation Research Board.
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Linda Rhine

Master of City Planning, School of Public Administration
San Diego State University
An expert in transit system funding, financial analysis, service implementation and transit system consolidation

Thomas Brennan, Principal

Tom, manager of the firm’s Portland office, has over 15 years of experience. He has special expertise in corridor design, transit service design and policy, parking management, and strategic transportation planning. He has worked on a number of complex urban mobility, TOD and parking plans in cities ranging in size from Boise, ID to Seattle.
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Thomas Brennan

BA, English Literature
Hamilton College

Master of City Planning
University of Oregon, Eugene
Special expertise in fixed-route service design, scheduling, and short-and long-range transit planning
Patrick Siegman, Principal

Patrick has over 18 years of experience as a transportation planner, with an emphasis on minimizing the impacts of growth. Trained as an economist, he has specialized expertise in cost/benefit analysis and financial feasibility studies. He has led the transportation component of more than 50 citywide, neighborhood, district, corridor, and campus plans in communities across North America. His projects have won awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism, the American Institute of Architects, the American Planning Association and the Society for College and University Planning.
Download Patrick's Resume - PDF
Patrick Siegman

BA, Economics
Stanford University

Expertise in town and transportation planning, with an emphasis on community participation, the reduction of traffic and parking demand, and traffic calming

Richard Weiner, Principal

Richard has over 30 years of experience in both the public and private sectors of the transportation industry, primarily in the area of ADA paratransit planning. Richard has worked on numerous projects involving accessible transportation for people with disabilities and older adults, and in human service transportation coordination. He has worked with dozens of paratransit programs to achieve compliance with ADA regulations and has conducted eligibility evaluations and program design for paratransit programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has also managed numerous projects related to low-income transportation and serving the mobility needs of traditionally disenfranchised populations through flexible transit services, subsidized taxi programs, and other mobility options.
Download Richard's Resume - PDF

Richard Weiner

Master of Urban Planning

Hunter College, City University of New York

Bachelor of Social Work
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

An expert in paratransit and small to medium-sized fixed-route operations, and in mobility options for older adults

David Fields, AICP, Principal

David manages the New York office and has more than 17 years of transportation planning experience as both a consultant and public sector employee. David's work focuses on transportation planning that supports communities' long-term goals, including multiple modes (heavy rail, light rail, and on-street bus services); parking and park-and-ride facilities; policy (Transit Oriented Development, Parking Management, and Transportation Demand Management); and environmental review. David also specializes in public outreach and participation. David serves as Chair of the American Planning Association's Transportation Planning Division.
Download David's Resume - PDF

David Fields

Master of Urban Planning, Transportation and Environmental Planning
New York University, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
A specialist in planning transit systems, pedestrian access and circulation, parking management
and TDM techniques

Geoff Slater, Principal

Geoff has managed transit projects as both a consultant and as transit agency staff, and has been involved in the development and major expansion of a number of new transit systems. Geoff has extensive experience throughout the United States and internationally that he brings to all of his projects, many of which have transformed transit services from very basic operations to mature, dependable transit systems. Notable projects have included the development of one of the country's first BRT lines (Boston's Silver Line) and the redesign of commuter rail service throughout post-apartheid South Africa.
Download Geoff's Resume - PDF

Geoff Slater

BS, Civil Engineering
University of Massachusetts/Lowell

An expert in the planning and design of transit services in North America and overseas 

Jessica Alba, Principal

Jessica, Nelson\Nygaard's Director of Staff Development, has more than a decade of experience as a transportation planner for numerous communities, transit-oriented developments, and mixed-use projects in North America. She specializes in assisting clients to reduce trip generation, parking demand, and GHG emissions by encouraging physical improvements in pedestrian, bicycle and transit access, while also incorporating a mix of parking management techniques and transportation demand management strategies Jessica has conducted land use and circulation evaluations for general plan updates, led several campus and medical center master plan projects, and completed large research projects for various federal, regional, and local agencies. Jessica is highly involved in projects with a focus on safely moving road users of all ages and abilities along and across complete streets.
Download Jessica's Complete Resume - PDF

Jessica ter Schure

MS, Environmental Science
Lund University, Lund, Sweden

MS, Earth Sciences
Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Expertise in transportation demand management, parking management and physical street improvements to support livable communities, smart growth, and transit-oriented development

Zabe Bent, Principal

Zabe has over 12 years of experience in transportation planning and urban development. A former principal planner at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, she is an experienced multimodal planner and manager. She has conducted a range of efforts including a feasibility study of congestion pricing in San Francisco, an update to the long range countywide transportation plan as well as various neighborhood plans and local studies. Zabe provides insight on developing and funding projects and initiatives as they navigate a city/county process on their path to implementation.
Download Zabe's Complete Resume - PDF

Zabe Bent

Master in City Planning and Urban Design

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MS, Transportation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BA, Transportation
Barnard College, Columbia University

A specialist in project management, conceptual design, and communications

Colin Burgett, Principal
Contact Colin
Colin manages projects that place a strong emphasis on facilitating the interactions between transportation systems, land use patterns, and urban design components. He has managed the traffic engineering components of numerous projects and developed a sophisticated understanding of traffic operations and travel demand forecasting tools, including the use of Synchro and TRAFFIX software for analyzing traffic operations and level of service.   Colin develops transportation plans and multimodal street design solutions for various traffic engineering and comprehensive planning efforts including citywide general plans, campus plans, large-scale redevelopment efforts, bicycle and pedestrian plans, corridor and intersection studies, and transit-oriented development plans.
Download Colin's Resume - PDF

Colin Burgett

Master of City & Regional Planning
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

BS, Political Science
University of Oregon
A specialist in multimodal transportation and integrated land use/transportation planning
Brian Canepa, Principal

Brian Canepa is a transportation planner specializing in innovative parking strategies, transit-oriented development , and transportation demand management programs designed to promote sustainability through reduced reliance on automobiles. Brian has crafted parking plans for academic institutions and cities to maximize parking and transportation resources through mechanisms such as parking occupancy targets, shared parking provisions, and blended parking requirements. Brian emphasizes planning approaches that include cost-effective policies, multimodal connectivity, and community participation.
Download Brian's Complete Resume - PDF
Brian Canepa

Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Planning and Policy
Virginia Tech University

MA, Political Management
George Washington University
An expert in smart growth transportation planning, parking management, traffic reduction plans, and transportation demand management

Chester "Rick" Chellman, P.E., L.L.S., Principal
Contact Colin
Rick has more than 30 years experience in civil engineering, engineering consulting, traffic engineering, complete street design, and street designring, zoning, exp research. He has site planning, civil and forensic engineeert testimony, and land use experience throughout the United States Rick has worked extensively on the engineering and traffic engineering aspects of Traditional Neighborhood Development , and New Urbanism, particularly in connection with the matters of street design, vehicular and human-powered traffic control, and external transportation connections.
Download Rick's Resume - PDF

Rick Chellman

BS, Engineering
University of New Hampshire

Professional Engineer
Licensed in more than forty jurisdictions in the United States, including all of New England, New York, Arizona, Texas, and California
A transportation engineer specializing in Traditional Neighborhood Design and New Urbanism
Ralph DeNisco, Principal

Ralph has over 16 years of transportation planning experience, with a history of successfully implementing a variety of parking and transportation projects in challenging environments. Informed by 10 years experience as Senior Transportation Planner in the City of Boston’s Transportation Department, he has developed city parking policy, implemented new technology, creatively tailored on-street parking regulations, and negotiated parking requirements with both large and small developments. He specializes in working with business, merchant, and neighborhood groups on complex parking and transportation issues.
Download Ralph's Resume - PDF

Ralph DeNisco

MA, Urban Affairs
Boston University Metropolitan College

BA, Economics
Boston College


A specialist skilled in translating interrelated transportation issues into solutions able to win both community and agency support

Randy Farwell, Principal

Randy has over 25 years experience in transportation and transit planning and operations management. Randy has  wide ranging expertise in commuter rail, light rail, bus rapid transit, human service, flex-route, and fixed route services; corridor analysis; alternatives analysis; National Environmental Policy Act documentation ; and TDM strategies. He was Planning Manager at the Potomac & Rappahannock Transportation Commission and was instrumental in the creation and startup of the Virginia Railway Express commuter rail and the OmniLink Flex-route– the first Intelligent Transportation System- enhanced flex-route in the U.S. 
Download Randy's Resume - PDF

Randy Farwell

Master of Urban & Regional Planning
Virginia Tech

BS, Urban Studies
Texas Christian University

An expert in innovative transportation and transit planning, operations management, and project development and implementation

Joey Goldman, Principal

Joey has more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of transit planning, public outreach, and economic development for cities, counties, universities, and at the statewide level. He is a specialist in planning, outreach, and marketing for transit systems. Joey is also one of Nelson\Nygaard’s leaders in marketing, performance standards, and transit center planning.  Joey has completed more than 100 transit studies, including long-range plans, strategic service and operations analyses, and coordination studies.
Download Joey's Resume - PDF

Joey Goldman

Master of City Planning, College of Environmental Design
University of California, Berkeley

An expert in a wide range of transit planning, public outreach, and economic development

Larry Gould, Principal

Larry Gould is a transportation planner with over 30 years of experience in public transit planning and operations. He has created systems for implementing tens of billions in capital investment while maintaining nearly full service for customers as well as service plans for every major event and venue, and every potential and actual disaster, affecting New York City, including delay management for everyday problems. A founding member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, New York chapter, Larry advocates for reinforcing good development decisions with good transit decisions.
Download Larry's Resume - PDF

Joey Goldman

BA, Mathematics and Politics
New York University

An expert in high capacity transit systems designed to develop safe and compelling environments for people

Michael King, RA, Principal

Michael King designs complete and sustainable streets and street networks. In his 20+ year career he has been the first director of traffic calming for New York City, designed the second shared street in the United States (Santa Monica), helped originate the nation’s first Safe Routes to School program (Bronx), designed non motorized facilities for the largest bus rapid transit system in Asia (Guangzhou), helped craft the City of Chicago's complete and sustainable streets strategy, and oversaw the creation of an Urban Street Design Guide for NACTO. In 2013, Michael was awarded the APBP Private Sector Professional of the Year.
Download Michael's Resume - PDF

Michael King

Master of Architecture
Columbia University,
New York

Urban Design Studio
Washington University, Barcelona, Spain
An architect with expertise designing complete and sustainable streets and street networks in the U.S. and abroad
David Koffman, Principal

David conducts research and planning on paratransit for people with disabilities, providing mobility options for older people, flexible transit services, and taxicab regulation. David’s approach to consulting emphasizes attention to clients’ needs, clear written and verbal communication of complex ideas to the public and agency staff, and skilled application of quantitative analysis where it is needed. David is the author of highly regarded reports published by the Transit Cooperative Research Program on flexible transit services and estimating the demand for ADA paratransit service. He developed and taught National Transit Institute courses on flexible transit services and managing the cost of ADA paratransit.
Download David's Resume - PDF
David Koffman

Master of City Planning
Harvard University

An expert in transportation planning for older people and people with disabilities, policy analysis and transit planning, survey and sampling design and theory

Ria Hutabarat Lo, PhD, Principal

Ria has over a decade of public and private sector experience in sustainable transportation policy, multimodal planning and streetscape design. She approaches all her work in a collaborative, reflective and analytically rigorous manner, with a focus on creating spaces that are interesting, sustainable, and accessible to multiple users. She has produced award-winning transportation plans for Occidental College and San Francisco State University and was instrumental in an innovative shared street design process that altered prevailing standards for Santa Monica. A former adjunct planning professor at the University of California, Berkeley, San Jose State University, and San Francisco State University, she holds a PhD in City and Regional Planning with a focus on transportation, walkability, and urban form.
Download Ria's Complete Resume - PDF

Ria Hutabarat Lo

PhD, City and Regional Planning
University of California, Berkeley

MCP, Transportation, and MS, Transportation Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

BEng, Environmental Engineering
University of South Wales, Australia
A specialist in sustainable transportation with a focus on creating spaces that are interesting and accessible to multiple users
Paul Moore, Principal

Paul Moore is involved in the oversight and management of major urban design, land use and transportation planning and engineering projects. He has 25 years of experience in developing major transportation and transit planning projects, small area planning and redevelopment studies, traffic engineering and design manuals and studies, and livable transportation solutions.
Download Paul's Complete Resume - PDF
Paul Moore

BS, Civil Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
An expert in developing small and major transportation and transit planning projects, traffic engineering and design manuals and studies, and livable transportation solutions
Tim Payne, Principal

Tim is a professional transit practitioner with over 35 years of experience, and head of the firm’s transit practice. His planning experience has been accrued at “street level,” which provides clients with a unique blend of reality, insight, and passion. Tim is a dynamic presenter, accomplished leader for intricate collaborative projects, and experienced in a public environment with many different stakeholders. His widely varied experience offers clients a high level of technical competence in analyzing and building alternative solutions for today’s complex transportation environment.
Download Tim's Resume - PDF
Tim Payne

BS, Civil Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

A dynamic leader and expert who brings technical excellence in analyzing and building alternative solutions for today's complex transit operating environment
Karina Ricks, Principal

Karina has 20 years of experience spanning the public and nonprofit sectors at the city, state, national and international levels. Karina has led multiple major plans and policy reforms that have built or revived dynamic, diverse, walkable, prosperous and sustainable neighborhoods and communities.  She prides herself in creating holistic policies and balanced, implementable, realistic, and affordable solutions for cities and communities.
Download Karina's Resume - PDF
Karina Hicks

MA, City and Regional Planning
Cornell University

BA, Justice, Morality, and Constitutional Democracy
Michigan State University–James Madison College
An expert in land use planning, economic development, urban revitalization and environmental policy fields
Will Rodman, Principal

Will has 35 years of experience in consulting and operations management for the public transportation industry. He is the Principal-in-charge of Nelson\Nygaard’s Boston office and co-leader of the firm’s practice in paratransit, mobility management, and taxi studies. Will is nationally recognized as an expert in planning and evaluating coordinated community transportation and mobility management services, paratransit services, taxis, rural and small urban public transit services, and student transportation services. .  He was the principal investigator for TCRP B-30 on non-dedicated paratransit service, now available as TCRP Report 121. He is a co-instructor for two National Transit Institute courses on Flexible Community Transit Services and Managing the Cost of ADA Paratransit.
Download Will's Resume - PDF
Will Rodman

City and Regional Planning program, Public Transportation
University of Pennsylvania

BA, Architecture
Wesleyan University

A leading expert in planning and evaluating paratransit, coordinated community transportation and mobility management services, and taxis

Jason Schrieber, Principal

Jason has 20 years of experience and is a specialist in understanding how cities’ transportation infrastructure affects their economic prosperity, environmental impact, and overall health. His work includes evaluating the economic impacts of streetcar lines, multimodal strategies to stimulate downtown development, land use and demand management programs for net zero climate impact, the integration of priority transit into existing downtowns, and progressive parking management frameworks. Jason works to carefully balance the often competing needs of residents, developers, and local government, identifying opportunities to work in partnership for a greater mutual gain.
Download Jason's Resume - PDF
Jason Schrieber

BS, Urban Planning
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

A dynamic planner who specializes in balancing all modes for economic prosperity, environmental impact, and overall health of cities

Rachel Weinberger, PhD, Principal

Rachel, Nelson\Nygaard’s Director of Research and Policy Strategy, has over 20 years of planning experience in the private and public sectors and in academia. Her areas of expertise include land use transportation interactions, travel behavior, planning methodologies, urban economics, travel demand management, and urban parking. She served as the senior policy advisor on transportation in the development of PlaNYC, the city’s much-lauded 2030 sustainability plan and she is an advisor to the Clinton Climate Foundation’s Climate Positive Development program. A former University of Pennsylvania professor, she has authored or co-authored over 50 research articles, reports, book chapters, and papers including the award-winning “Integrating Walkability into Planning Practice.”
Download Rachel's Resume - PDF
Rachel Weinberger

PhD, City and
Regional Planning
University of California, Berkeley

MS, Civil Engineering, Transportation
University of California, Berkeley

Master of Urban Planning, Hunter College
City University of New York

An expert in urban economics, travel demand management, and parking

Bethany Whitaker, Principal

Bethany has more than 20 years in the public transportation industry, gained through experience in the public and private sectors. She is a multi-disciplinary planner specializing in transit service development, design, feasibility analysis, and financial analysis. She has worked with a wide variety of communities ranging from rural and small urban system to large urban system redesign studies. She is experienced in human and medical transportation service planning and is a skilled project manager and meeting facilitator. She sits on the board of the Chittenden County Transportation Authority in Burlington, VT.
Download Bethany's Resume - PDF
Bethany Whitaker

MA, Public Policy
Evans School of Public Affairs University of Washington, Seattle
A multidisciplinary planner specializing in transit service development, design, and financial analysis
Thomas Wittmann, PE, Principal

Thomas has more than 17 years of experience in transportation planning, specializing in transit operations and capital planning. He has worked with rural and small urban systems throughout the country. His transit operations experience includes comprehensive operational analyses, transportation development plans, optimization studies, and management performance reviews. His transit capital facilities experience includes park-and-ride feasibility studies, park-and-ride operations plans, transit center planning, and ridership forecasts. His service redesigns have consistently led to higher ridership with no increases in cost. Thomas is known for building consensus, incorporating community needs.
Download Thomas' Resume - PDF

Thomas Wittmann

MS, Civil Engineering, Transportation
North Carolina State

BA, Physics
University of Chicago

A specialist  in transit operations and capital planning