TRB Annual Meeting, Jan. 7-11, Washington, DC


Sunday, Jan. 7

1:30 p.m., Drusilla van Hengel, Strategic War Game Session

1:30 p.m., Joey Goldman, Mind the Gap: Can Inclusive Cities Bridge Social Equity Disparities?

Monday, Jan. 8

8 a.m., Joey Goldman, presiding, Accessible Transportation and Mobility Committee

Tuesday, Jan. 9

8 a.m., Joey Goldman, presiding, From Volunteer Drivers to Autonomous Vehicles: Leveraging Community and Technology for Accessible Mobility

8 a.m., Tim Payne, Potomac River Ferry Commuter Service

8 a.m., Edward Tang, Transportation and Air: Quantifying the Impact of Designated Truck Lane on Vehicular Emissions

1:30 p.m.. Joey Goldman, presiding, TRANSED Conference Planning Subcommittee

Wednesday, Jan. 10

8 a.m., Joseph Poirier, Bicycle Lanes and Business Success: A San Francisco Examination