Tackling parking was the first step to creating the lively downtown Austin envisioned. The Downtown Austin Parking Strategy report, released in June, provides for the first time a comprehensive inventory of Austin’s downtown parking assets, an overview of parking regulations, and an analysis of the level of parking demand. For example, there are more than 71,000 parking spaces downtown, but only about 6,400 spaces of those are on-street parking. And about 25% of all parking is not open to the public.

Adding more parking lots and garages can no longer be the only answer. Solving Austin’s systemic management challenges in the face of rapid growth requires a multi-faceted set of solutions, including performance-based management and a priority on shared parking approaches. “Just like the hotels when you come to Austin during South by Southwest, they’re going to be more expensive,”said Phil Olmstead. “So in your most popular spaces at your most popular times you could see prices go up.”

Our 19 coordinated recommendations represent a new era for parking in downtown. The final report includes an implementation plan that sets downtown stakeholders up for immediate progress and long-term success.

Read about the Downtown Austin Parking Strategy.

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