Historically, street design guides have focused on vehicle throughput and optimization for automobiles, leading to street networks that were often uninviting and unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists. As a commitment to streets that accommodate everyone and reflect the character and needs of neighborhoods, the City of Pasadena worked with Nelson\Nygaard in collaboration with the Southern California Association of Governments to update its mobility element.

In March, the City Council unanimously adopted the Pasadena Street Design Guide.

“This holistic approach to street design,” says Paul Moore,“takes into account the differing conditions and contexts of each street in Pasadena. Streets with different surrounding land uses, constraints, and significance for modes of transportation each require design considerations and treatments unique to those circumstances. The plans and aspirations of the community for the character of the street and adjacent land will also be factored in.”

Read the report here (PDF).

APTA: Bus and Paratransit Conference, May 7-10, Reno, NV

Will Rodman

Will Rodman

May 9: Will Rodman, “How Transit Agencies are Integrating Rideshare and Public Transportation”
May 10: Will Rodman, “Separate Call and Control Centers for Paratransit Services”

Transportation Alternatives: Vision Zero Cities conference, May 2-4, New York

Photo of Jeff Tumlin of Nelson\Nygaard

Jeff Tumlin

Jeff Tumlin, speaking, “Changing performance metrics to better align with cities’ values”

The Congress for the New Urbanism: 25th Annual Congress, May 3-6, Seattle

Photo of Paul Moore of Nelson\Nygaard.

Paul Moore

Photo of Larry Gould of Nelson\Nygaard.

Larry Gould

10:45 a.m., Wednesday, May 3: Larry Gould, speaker, “Multimodal Transportation: New solutions to old problems”

1:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 3: Paul Moore, speaker, “202 Workshop: A Practitioner’s Guide to Street Design”

10:45 a.m., Saturday, May 6: Larry Gould, moderator, “Civic Great Rooms: A Remodeler’s Guide”