The 2016 Planning Excellence Award for a plan other than a comprehensive plan was awarded to Allentown Downtown Plan by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association. The award recognizes the plan for providing new direction in response to growth and investments from the neighborhood improvement zone program.  As part of a larger team, Nelson\Nygaard made recommendations on ways to improve efficiencies and user-friendliness of the parking system, to equalize monthly permit rates, and to create zones or tiers of parking pricing.

EMBARK, Oklahoma City’s public transit service, received the 2016 Best Transit System Award from the American Public Transportation Association. Nelson\Nygaard completed a transit service analysis for Oklahoma City, recommending increasing bus frequency and the addition of a new crosstown route. In 2014, those changes were made in tandem with a major service rebranding without adding operational costs. Ridership increased by about 20%.

Seattle Children’s Hospital Shuttle was awarded the 2013 King County’ Diamond Award Diamond Ring for Outstanding Leadership. In 2016, the hospital was honored again with a Transportation Demand Management Excellence Award from the Association for Commuter Transportation. Nelson\Nygaard managed a consultant team that developed a Comprehensive Transportation Plan for Seattle’s Children’s Hospital in conjunction with a master plan proposal to double the size of the facility. We revamped the hospital’s existing parking and campus shuttle system, and created incentive programs to encourage biking and riding transit to work.

At AutoMobility LA, Gerry Tierney, Associate Principal at Perkins+Will San Francisco, will moderate a discussion with urban design experts including Jeff Tumlin, Principal and Director of Strategy at Nelson\Nygaard.

Tierney and Tumlin will discuss “2050: City of the Autonomous Car” at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15. They will explore:

  • How urbanists can plan today for a tomorrow when fewer cars are needed
  • Why on-demand autonomous vehicles could transform cities and how people move
  • What cities could do with excess parking lots, garages, and roadways

The inaugural AutoMobility LA, formerly a showcase of new car models, now converges the tech and automotive industries to launch new products and discuss the future of mobility. The four-day event at the LA Convention Center features vehicle debuts, a design and developer challenge, and an auto-tech focused expo floor. The event represents the intersection of big ideas and big energy, and for the first time the 2016 design competition brings programmers and non-automotive companies into the auto-innovation mix.