January 2016 — “If you drive out to visit Disney’s Epcot center in Orlando, Florida, you will arrive at one of the biggest parking lots in America. With room for 12,000 cars, it sprawls out over 7 million square feet—about the size of 122 football fields. If you look at the lot on Google Maps, you realize that it’s nearly the size of Epcot center itself. Disney built one Epcot to hold the visitors. Then it built another to hold the cars.

“Disney isn’t alone in its expansive approach to park­ing. Parking is, after all, what cars do most of the time…

“The deep irony is that cities rarely require developers to construct enough affordable housing, but they pass strict laws making sure vehicles can be adequately housed. ‘We don’t force [developers) to build the right number of bedrooms for people! We just force them to build the right number of bedrooms for cars,’ says Jeffrey Tumlin, the principal and director of strategy for Nelson Nygaard, a parking consultancy.”

(Mother Jones, Clive Thompson)

The Honolulu Complete Streets Implementation Study won the 2015 APA Hawai‘i Annual Chapter Award, Transportation Planning Category from the American Planning Association. Nelson\Nygaard worked on a team to help the City and County of Honolulu develop policy and design tools to enact complete streets. Nelson\Nygaard led ten walk audits at sites throughout Honolulu to teach local staff how to identify issues related to street design and traffic operations. These audits were also intended to give local staff the tools and technical know-how to conduct walk audits themselves. We also helped facilitate a multi-agency internal workshop to define design parameters and wrote much of the bikeway design chapter in the Design Manual.

Read the draft Design Manual (PDF).