California – April 2015 – Perhaps fittingly, one of the state’s oldest, stateliest cities will be the first to institute one of the most sophisticated advances in planning tools since the slide rule. Not long ago, the City of Pasadena implemented metrics that measure projects’ impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act in terms of vehicle miles traveled rather than level of service.

Pasadena is not only the first city in the state to adopt VMT metrics but may also be the first in the nation….

“Over-reliance on level of service as the only indicator of success in our transportation systems is one of the biggest obstacles to infill development,” said Jeffrey Tumlin, principal and director of strategy for Nelson\Nygaard.

(California Planning & Development Report, Josh Stephens)

The Southern California Association of Governments gave a 2015 Sustainability Award to Broadway Dress Rehearsal, a test of what Broadway Street in Los Angeles could be. The City of Los Angeles imagined a better streetscape, with space for plazas, and to take steps toward meeting the city’s vision zero goal for pedestrian deaths. Nelson\Nygaard provided project management, strategic consultation on performance measures and data collection, and data analysis for the Broadway Dress Rehearsal. We helped to identify efficiencies and resolved potential data capture needs, working with community members, appointed staff, and a consulting team.