By Rachel Weinberger and Lisa Jacobson

New York – June 23, 2013 – On Tuesday, a speeding (and drunk) driver caused mayhem on the lower East Side. On Wednesday, three people were injured in one crash on Staten Island. Sometimes these get into the paper and frequently they don’t.

But these crashes got us thinking: If we have to get hit by a car, we’ll take a “distracted driver” on his cellphone, driving the speed limit, over a speeding driver any day.

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The East Franklinton District Revitalization plan was honored with the 2014 National Planning Excellence Award for Innovation in Economic Development & Planning from the American Planning Association. In 2013, the plan received a Charter Award Honorable Mention, Block, Street, and Building Category from the Congress for the New Urbanism. Nelson\Nygaard worked with Goody Clancy to create a plan to revitalize a 200-acre arts district in Columbus. We addressed issues of neighborhood connectivity and recommended zoning changes to implement parking management strategies. The city adopted the plan in 2012.

For their contribution in the Lincoln Redevelopment Plan, Nelson\Nygaard, on a team led by Mithun, received recognition from the Congress for the New Urbanism with a 2013 Charter Award Honorable Mention, Block, Street, and Building Category. The project also earned Nelson\Nygaard the 2012 Award for Smart Growth Achievement, Equitable Development award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Nelson\Nygaard, along with Mithun, developed a multimodal circulation plan, creating a shared parking demand analysis, and supporting the redesign of neighborhood streets to achieve the community’s goals for a sustainable and healthy transportation network.

The Model Design Manual for Living Streets was presented with awards from the American Planning Association and the Federal Highway Administration. In 2013 the project received a National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice, from the American Planning Association. In 2012, the Federal Highway Administration honored the project with the 2012 Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives Award, Encouraging Nonmotorized Transportation category.

The guides, developed for Los Angeles County, are intended to provide guidance on all users of the public right-of-way and addresses landscaping, mobility, design, and the public involvement process at a national level. Nelson\Nygaard helped write several sections of the document, including sections about geometric street design (e.g. design speed, design vehicles), cross sectional elements of the traveled way, intersection design, and traffic signals.